Who We Are

Kristin Thakor

My name is Kristin Thakor. I live in McLean, VA with my husband and 3 children. I am currently at home with our three young children and have been for the past 7 years. During those years, I’ve served as the Board Treasurer at our children’s former preschool (Kinhaven School in Arlington) for 2 years and currently serve as a fundraising representative at our children’s current school. Prior to children, I spent 7 years as an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington, DC (2005-2012). While at BLS, I worked on several projects handling employment data, data interpretation/analysis, survey development, as well as gained experience in management. Prior to my work at BLS, I worked as an analyst at Deloitte (2004-2005) as part of their international transfer pricing practice and at Horst Frisch, Inc. as part of their transfer pricing practice (1999-2001). I have my Master’s from Boston University in Economic Policy and my BA from Colby College in Economics-Mathematics.

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