The Campaign for Brighter Futures

Our safe response to those in crisis and a pathway to long-term stability is more critical than ever before. The future of this community relies on our collective determination to safeguard our current response and invest in new strategies that will bring safety to more people and a greater opportunity for economic stability to all. Through the successful Campaign for Brighter Futures, Doorways sought to build a stronger, safer community by breaking the cycles of poverty and violence that keep many generations of families locked in struggle.

Your Impact

Each year, we serve hundreds more people than the year before. During the Campaign for Brighter Futures, we expanded our mission to address all forms intimate partner violence, including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. We opened five new programs to better serve our community and fill critical gaps, providing a comprehensive response for survivors of all ages—including the Revive Domestic & Sexual Violence Counseling Program—and honing our approach for the increasing number of youth and young adults seeking support through our Pathways for Youth Service Model.

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About the Campaign

A safe today, a stable tomorrow, and the brightest possible future

The Campaign for Brighter Futures was part of Doorways’ strategic plan that addressed the increasing demand for safety, the growing complexity of the needs of survivors and families seeking self-sufficiency, and the uncertain, restrictive funding climate that threatens our ability to deliver lasting change in our clients’ well-being. Through this three-year, $10-million comprehensive fundraising campaign, Doorways engaged our community, seeking increased private, philanthropic investment in the areas of safety, stability and sustainability.

Together, we can offer a safe home for those in crisis, the tools they need to rebuild their lives and pathways to a brighter future. Funds raised allowed Doorways to accomplish three critical goals. See below to learn about these goals.

The Campaign for Brighter Futures, which began with a quiet phase in 2015, concluded in 2018, marking Doorways’ 40th anniversary. Thank you for helping us raise the funds needed to meet our goals to ensure a safe today, a stable tomorrow and the brightest possible future!

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  • Hear from our clients to see how your support impacts women, men, youth and children experiencing homelessness and abuse in our community.
  • Hear from community members about why they give.
  • Join us by making a gift now! Though the Campaign for Brighter Futures has concluded, the need for our programs and services continues to grow. Donate today to support our ongoing efforts.

If you have questions about the Campaign for Brighter Futures or other ways to get involved, please contact us at (703) 504-9400. 

Our Goals

Goal I: A Safe Today

Maintain our current and newer services that bring people to safety

Doorways is responding to the increasing number of our neighbors in crisis and helping them regain a foothold, recover their confidence, and get back on track. This includes our 24-hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Hotline response, our emergency shelters and apartments and our specialized services for homeless young adults and very young families.

Goal II: A Stable Tomorrow

Meet the long-term, more complex needs of our clients

We’re responding to the constantly evolving long-term needs of those healing from crisis so that they can look forward to and maintain a brighter future. This includes enhanced employment services, Revive Domestic & Sexual Violence Counseling Program for adults, youth and children who have experienced violence, and the extension of support services to our graduates so that they can continue their progress, even when new difficulties arise.

Goal III: The Brightest Possible Future

Ensure that our doors will always remain open to those who need us

We’re strengthening Doorways for the long haul so that we can always be here for our community regardless of economic fluctuations or shifts in public policy. This includes our Sustainability Fund, which will allow us to remain nimble and proactive in the face of funding changes or emerging needs.

Sustainability Fund

Through the Campaign for Brighter Futures, Doorways established a Sustainability Fund. This fund will support Doorways’ long-term ability to deliver vital services and guard against unforeseeable, yet inevitable, shifts in public and private funding. Board guidelines determine its use, investment policy and management. It is funded with planned and outright gifts.

Donor Stories

Generous community members share why they support Doorways. To share your story, please contact Linley Beckbridge at (703) 504-9283 or

“The transformation that occurs, especially for the children, is staggering and incredibly inspirational. Through the Campaign for Brighter Futures, we hope Doorways’ mission is introduced to every Arlingtonian, so folks understand the critical gap Doorways fills in our community’s safety net.”

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