Give Hope

Give the gift of hope from harm and homelessness

When you donate to Doorways, you help sustain day-to-day operations of our shelters, supportive housing, and services. You enable Doorways to meet each person where they are and empower them on their unique journey to success. Your gift supports survivors, prevents violence, ends homelessness, and builds brighter futures for families like Margot’s.

Your gift of hope

Donate now and your gift will be matched

As Doorways’ President and CEO, I look to you — our Doorways Friends and Family — to keep our vital services going. COVID did not close our Doorways. This year’s government funding cuts did not close our Doorways. And this current surge of families and individuals experiencing harm and homelessness may challenge us, but our Doorways will be here and open, because of you. And this year, two of our kind donors, Kevin and Judy Moak and The Gupta Family Foundation, will be matching your gifts, up to $30,000!

How your support gives harbor, healing, and hope

  • Your gift of $2,500 would help provide one week of safe housing to a survivor fleeing domestic violence. Although one week may not sound like a lot – it’s not just one week. It’s the first week of safety and freedom from fear and harm.
  • Your gift of $1,000 would help a young person transition from homelessness and achieve a brighter future. Your support provides academic, financial, and career counseling to help youth achieve their goals and live independently.
  • $250 would help a family graduate from our shelter to our HomeStart independent living program. Your gift could make their new apartment a home with essentials like a new bed, kitchen supplies, and food for the pantry.
  • $100 would help us ensure our wraparound services stay nimble, relevant, and above all, available to everyone who needs them – from court advocacy, to financial counseling, to our children’s counseling which ensures kids can thrive.

Margot's story

“I was worried and fearful for everyone but myself until I literally felt my life was on the line.”

Margot spent 20 years building her career, raising her daughters, and ensuring home was always a safe haven. From play dates to scouts, slumber parties to school dances — Margot’s home was the place hugs were had, tears were comforted, and milestones were celebrated. But after Margot’s youngest followed her sister off to college, Margot’s empty nest became a place that protected dark secrets.

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Your impact

Last year, Doorways’ dedicated team of staff and volunteers helped thousands of survivors like Margot and their families:

  • Answered 1,067 crisis calls from adults and children experiencing violence;
  • Provided 18 hospital accompaniments for forensic exams, including 14 accompaniments for Sexual Assault and 4 for Domestic Violence;
  • Provided 2,074 individual therapy sessions and 56 support group sessions; and
  • Assisted 165 adults and 128 children seeking protective orders, child support, custody petitions, and other court judgments.

And Doorways provided shelter, housing, and support services for more than
200 survivors, youth, and families escaping abuse and homelessness:

  • Provided emergency shelter for 80 survivors and their children at the Safehouse, Safe Apartments, and hotels — a record high in Doorways’ history;
  • Sheltered 38 adults, youth, and children in the Family Home; and
  • Housed and supported 50 adults and 64 children in the HomeStart supportive housing program.