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Silly, Playful, Resilient Kids

Melissa_K_resizedI started volunteering with the Children’s Program because I think that kids ought to be kids. By the time the children are a part of Doorways, they may have experienced and lived through things that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. So, I want these children to understand that it’s okay to just be a kid—to giggle, to play, to run around, make up games and to just be silly. I also want them to see that there are other people who care about them, even if we haven’t ever met before. I’m not so idealistic to think that every child that I get the chance to interact with is forever changed, but if he or she feels a little more special—even in that hour or two—then I accomplished what I hoped for.

What I didn’t expect about volunteering with the Children’s Program was that the kids would have such an effect on me. There is something truly amazing about the resiliency in each one of them. They are still bright, kind and full of energy after everything they have been through. Being around them always leaves me inspired to be better in my own life and keeps me coming back.

—Melissa Kenney