Planned Giving

Safeguard Our Future Response to Abuse and Homelessness

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It’s easier than you think. Planned gifts can be funded with cash, stock, real estate or other tangible personal property. Making Doorways a part of your estate plan can be as simple as including a charitable bequest in your will or living trust or making a beneficiary designation.  Our staff is eager to help you identify the planned giving options best suited to your personal situation. We hope you find these pages helpful and that you will contact us to learn more.

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There are other planned giving options, gifts that can provide income to you during your lifetime such as charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities. Planned giving can also involve gifts of non-cash assets such as real estate and personal property.  Please contact us know how we can help you evaluate your giving options.

About the Legacy Society

Doorways is all about the future. Every day we strive to make the future brighter for survivors, youth, and families escaping domestic violence and homelessness. You can help ensure that this mission remains an integral part of Arlington’s future through legacy and planned giving.

Join Doorways’ Legacy Society. By making a planned gift to Doorways today, you help guarantee that 10, 20 — even 50 years from now — women and families in Arlington will have access to safe shelter, long-term housing and supportive services that help them overcome abuse and poverty. Help safeguard the future of Doorways’ response to homelessness, domestic violence and sexual assault in our community by making a planned gift. To discuss options and learn more about how you can leave a legacy, please contact us.

Have you already named Doorways as a beneficiary of your estate? Please let us know right away so we can recognize and thank you as a member of the Legacy Society!

To join now, download the enrollment form, which is available as a plain PDF and as a fillable form, and send your completed form to via mail to Doorways at PO Box 100185, Arlington, VA 22210. We look forward to hearing from you!

Benefits of Planned Giving

In addition to ensuring the future of Doorways , planned gifts offer many possible benefits, such as:

  • Making a larger charitable gift than you thought possible
  • Increasing your current income
  • Reducing your income tax and/or avoiding capital gains tax
  • Planning for the financial needs of a spouse or loved one
  • Providing inheritances for your heirs at a reduced tax cost
  • Making a gift that may cost nothing in your lifetime but is priceless for future generations

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Meet Legacy Society Members

“We feel so lucky to be able to give a planned gift to Doorways in honor of my mom and her many years of assisting women experiencing domestic violence,” said Judy and Kevin Moak.  Read more.

Over 50 years later, Eileen Flynn still has the piggy bank from her grandmother’s house and she continues to abide by the lessons her grandmother taught her. Read her story.

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Planning your estate and legacy for future generations, including your charitable interests, takes careful evaluation. Discussing your charitable intentions with us can lead to a much better result than going it alone — and will ensure that your gift is used just as you wish. We can provide valuable information about any of the creative giving techniques mentioned in these planned giving pages.

Act now to take the steps you need to be a good steward of the resources you intend to leave behind. Use our request for information form to get more information.