Survivor Services

Community-Based Support

Doorways’ community-based services are available to survivors throughout the Arlington community. Services can be accessed through our 24-hour hotline, 703-237-0881.

24-Hour Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline: 703-237-0881

All languages available

To get support, information, help with safety planning and resources, and/or referrals to services, please contact Doorways’ 24-hour hotline at 703-237-0881.

Advocates are available to talk 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year, even on holidays. If you have questions or concerns about your relationship, or a friend or loved one’s situation, we encourage you to contact us to talk about it.

Safety Planning

To get support creating a personalized safety plan, please contact Doorways’ 24-hour hotline at 703-237-0881.

A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan to improve your safety while experiencing abuse, preparing to leave an abusive situation, or after you leave. Learn more from the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Safety planning is about brainstorming ways to stay safe that may also help reduce the risk of future harm. It can include planning for a future crisis, considering your options, and making decisions about your next steps. Learn more from RAINN.

Hospital Accompaniment Response Program (HARP)

Through Doorways’ HARP, advocates provide in-person support and guidance to survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault during forensic exams at the hospital.

If you are in need of hospital accompaniment, please contact Doorways’ 24-hour hotline at 703-237-0881.

Court Advocacy

Located within the Arlington County Courthouse at 1425 N. Courthouse Rd., Arlington, VA 22204, Doorways’ Court Advocacy program offers survivors support, guidance, and expertise in the legal aspects of safety from domestic violence, including protective orders.

Revive Domestic and Sexual Violence Counseling Program

Revive provides individual and group counseling for adults, youth, and children impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault in our community to foster healing, wellness, and safety.

To learn more about Revive, please contact our 24-hour hotline at 703-237-0881.