How your support makes a difference

Through your generosity, women and families in Northern Virginia have moved out, moved up and regained their security and independence. Read their stories of new hope, learn about Doorways’ record of success, and hear directly from our clients:

Stories of New Hope

Renewing safety, stability and our commitment

With your support, we renew safety, stability and our commitment to the brightest possible future for the women, men, youth and children we serve.

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10 Years Later: Ana’s Story

Meet Ana. Ana called our 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline more than a decade ago. When she called, she had suffered every possible form of abuse by her husband – physical, emotional, financial and more – for the past eight years. She had a low-paying job, two daughters, ages three and seven, and she wanted desperately to … Continue reading 10 Years Later: Ana’s Story

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Anita’s Story

Due to medical complications experienced during pregnancy, Anita was placed on bed rest and lost her job, thus creating financial dependency on her abusive husband. After her baby arrived, the abuse worsened. With the help of Arlington County Police, the family arrived at Doorways Domestic Violence Safehouse. Just 23 years old, Anita had a high … Continue reading Anita’s Story

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Fathers Are Family

It comes naturally—you want to play with your children. For many, it’s how you express your love for them. Unfortunately for Jim, this wasn’t possible anymore. Jim and his wife, Mia, had come to the Freddie Mac Foundation Family Home with their two children looking for stability and supportive services. Due to a disability, Jim … Continue reading Fathers Are Family

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Surviving Domestic Violence: Jane’s Story of Teen Survival

During the summer, Doorways received a hotline from a young mother in crisis. The hotline advocate quickly made sure the caller was safe. Once safety was established, Jane began to describe the intimidation, threats and sexual assaults she had endured from her live-in partner. Jane also explained to the hotline advocate that she had a six-year-old … Continue reading Surviving Domestic Violence: Jane’s Story of Teen Survival

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Our Record of Success

Through Doorways, your support helps our most vulnerable neighbors achieve the following:

  • 90% of clients experiencing intimate partner violence enhanced their safety by developing a safety plan, obtaining a legal protective order, and/or receiving accompaniment for emergency medical treatment post sexual assault
  • 87% of households experiencing homelessness exited to safe housing
  • 95% of children with social-emotional issues received services and treatment to address their needs
  • 80% of adults improved or maintained employment or earning capacity, and nearly 70% built savings

Hear from our clients by watching the videos and reading the stories below. For more information about our client outcomes, read our latest annual report.

Hear from Our Clients

Hear our clients tell their stories:

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