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Through your generosity, women and families in Northern Virginia have moved out, moved up and regained their security and independence. Read their stories of new hope, learn about Doorways’ record of success, and hear directly from our clients.

Stories of New Hope

How to Be Heard: Gina’s Story

Twelve-year-old Gina* moved into Doorways’ Family Home with her mom last fall. Gina and her mom had stayed at the Family Home before. Although they had moved out of shelter into housing, due to a medical disability, Gina’s mom was unable to keep up with work and bills, and the family became homeless once again.   … Continue reading How to Be Heard: Gina’s Story

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From Surviving to Thriving: Rachael’s Story

When Rachael determined that staying in her home was a matter of life and death, she had nowhere to go. Though she had endured years of abuse at the hands of her husband, his behaviors were escalating, and she just knew in her gut that this time, he could be capable of taking her life. … Continue reading From Surviving to Thriving: Rachael’s Story

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Coping with Uncertainty

Today’s climate has left most people nervous about the uncertainty that surrounds the future. However, for Doorways’ clients like Jasmine, who do not have support systems, the challenges can feel impossible to overcome. “Although we are going through a shared experience (…), not everyone shares the same access to resources and safety nets.” —YW Boston … Continue reading Coping with Uncertainty

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Aairah, making it on her own

Aairah came to Doorways’ Domestic Violence Safehouse escaping abuse from her husband. Like many survivors of domestic violence, she felt ashamed and disempowered. Our Domestic and Sexual Violence Programs staff partnered with Aairah in her healing process, helping her to meld the traditional values so central to her life with the new pathway ahead of … Continue reading Aairah, making it on her own

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When you can’t go home for the holidays

At Doorways, we know that healing is not linear. Claire’s story shows how progress and healing sometimes looks like one step forward or back. Our goal is to meet survivors where they are on their own journeys and help them move toward their goals. Learn more. Claire, a young woman in her mid-twenties, was living … Continue reading When you can’t go home for the holidays

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Unless otherwise noted, to protect client safety and confidentiality, images used are stock photos, featuring models, for illustrative purposes only. Images of clients are used with their permission. Names and identifying information are changed to protect client safety and confidentiality as well.

Our Record of Success

Hear from our clients by watching the videos and reading the stories on this page. For more information about our client outcomes, read our latest annual report.

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