How your support makes a difference

Through your generosity, women and families in Northern Virginia have moved out, moved up and regained their security and independence. Read their stories of new hope, learn about Doorways’ record of success, and hear directly from our clients.

Stories of New Hope

Juan’s New Home

Do you remember waking up on the first day of school with a sense of anticipation? You rolled out of bed and got dressed in your favorite outfit. You filled your backpack with bright folders, new packs of paper, and a box of sharpened pencils. Your stomach flipped with nerves as you walked out the … Continue reading Juan’s New Home

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“It is never too late to pursue healing”

This is a beautiful note we received from Sara, one of our clients at our Revive Domestic & Sexual Violence Counseling Program, where we serve more than 400 adults, youth and children each year: “No matter how hopeless or scared you may feel, it is never too late to pursue healing. Even if it is … Continue reading “It is never too late to pursue healing”

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Daniel’s Rocket Ship

By ages 5 and 6, Antonio and Daniel had witnessed domestic violence at home. For years, their mom, Paula, had been focused on survival. She did all she could to maintain her children’s safety by engaging daily in survival skills, but this consuming task left her with very little time to experience play, learning and … Continue reading Daniel’s Rocket Ship

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A Fresh Start

1 in 10 young adults ages 18 to 25 endures some form of homelessness in a year, according to the latest research from Voices of Youth Count, an initiative of Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. “Adolescence and young adulthood represent a key developmental window. Every day of housing instability and the associated stress … Continue reading A Fresh Start

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Why Ending Homelessness Isn’t That Easy

Christina (right) meets with financial counselor Luis Callejas at Doorways. Photo by Benjamin C. Tankersley. One key riddle is figuring out how to move families not just out of homelessness, but up a rung of the economic ladder so their lives are not so precarious. Christina hasn’t made that climb, but she’s found stability. She, … Continue reading Why Ending Homelessness Isn’t That Easy

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Our Record of Success

Hear from our clients by watching the videos and reading the stories on this page. For more information about our client outcomes, read our latest annual report.

Hear from Our Clients

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