Hear from Our Clients

“It’s unbelievable how much support Doorways gives you. At the end of the day I know they have to go home, but it doesn’t feel like it.”

Hear from our clients in their own words.

In their Own Words


Words of Thanks

“Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for the families that come through this house. You made me feel and see the hope that was outside these walls. Thank you for connecting to me as a woman and giving my daughter so much love.”

“I came to the Family Home from a very traumatic experience. Staff provided me support and resources to feel safe and stronger. Thank you Doorways; I don’t know what would’ve happened to us without this help.”

“Thanks to Doorways for helping people like me. They have opened doorways for me. The quality of the work and the staff are amazing.”

“I am so happy that Doorways has provided me a safe place for my family and I. Doorways has helped me so much and I can’t thank you all enough.”

“The words ‘thank you’ aren’t big. It’s like they don’t mean enough to express how grateful I am for everything that Doorways has done for me and my family, and given me… I think what I’m going to take from this is, it’s so much bigger than just ‘thanks.'”

On Healing and Progress

“Both my child and I have made tremendous progress with the help of Doorways. Considering that a year ago we were still experiencing domestic violence, we have come a long way in rebuilding a safe, healthy home environment. My child is still working with the after-effects, and so am I, but we’re doing so much.”

“I was able to get by peace of mind back.”

“For me, I feel more secure, supported. Before I knew about this program, things were very different. I feel like my life has changed.”

“I feel better able to manage my emotions — anger and sadness — after working with staff at the Safehouse and Revive. The program and the staff are great.”

“I was in shelter years ago and they did help me; staff was very nice. That gave me the confidence to call Doorways again and ask for help. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Doorways.”

“There’s been a lot of positive changes. The abuse had a huge impact on me, and it’s taken a lot to change the narrative of how I look at myself and the world. I can see the impact myself doing better has on my children.”

“When I think about all that me and my girls are today, all we give back, all we know, all we are on course to accomplish in life, I know we are making our community stronger. (…) The tools and life skills I learned thanks to the help I got years ago, matched with my strong desire to succeed, made all the difference.”

About Doorways’ Programs and Services

“I feel hopeful again. I went from not having a plan to now having a list of objectives. I feel that my new resume better reflects who I am. I feel motivated again and grateful for the Doorways staff and their ability to take me further than I could on my own.”

“I have known so many people where the services given literally turns on the light for them when they are in a very dark place. Helping support families through crisis, when things didn’t go according to plan is key in helping families long-term, because it shows them how to keep going. (…) It’s almost hard to describe, but that feeling that someone is looking out for you, with you, makes a tremendous difference when you are coming forward from crisis—especially when you have kids counting on you.”

“They helped me understand a lot of things I didn’t understand…things like how to raise my kids and to better understand the trauma experienced by domestic violence. I believe the people working there are doing a lot to help people.”

“I felt like there is no shame associated with the process and that no matter where you are the therapist made sure to help you address the lessons and issues that were happening in the moment. I was never afraid to tell her I went back into my abusive partner because there was no shame. This sets Doorways apart from other counseling services. I am a LOT stronger than I was when I started this program even though I am still working through this relationship. The way the program is structured is conducive to accountability for the individual, it is steady and consistent, the therapist works around your schedule… because of the consistency and the level of accountability, you get a lot out of the program.”

“I was extremely fearful all the time and now I am feeling strong and confident. I got courage and strength from Revive, and am still receiving. Every session was a relief for me. I could exhale. That’s how important to me it is. Even getting a jacket for the winter was extremely helpful.”

“Doorways really helped me get back on track. They opened those doors and created those opportunities. So, getting those keys and signing the lease, and having my own apartment, was just like a huge relief. I just was so excited to finally…have my own place and have a home to give my daughter.”