Rachelle’s Story

“911, what is your emergency?”
“Please come quick! My mom hit my dad and now he won’t wake up.”
“Where are you? Are you safe?”
“I’m hiding in my room.”

Like most kids, Rachelle knew how to dial 911. And like most parents, her dad taught her how in case of emergency – hoping she would never have to. But when her dad’s life was on the line, Rachelle made a life-changing call.

For years, Rachelle witnessed her mom abusing her dad. Her dad promised Rachelle he was okay, but Rachelle heard her mom yelling at him and saw the marks left on her dad. Rachelle wanted the abuse to end, but didn’t know how to make it stop. But then one summer night, Rachelle’s mom knocked her dad unconscious. And so, at 10 years old, hiding in her room, heart racing, Rachelle dialed 911 like her dad taught her. With the help of first responders, amidst a blur of flashing lights, Rachelle and her dad finally got out.

In the emergency room, one of Doorways’ Hospital Accompaniment Response Program (HARP) advocates came to talk with Rachelle’s dad about Doorways. Yes, Doorways serves men. Yes, he and Rachelle could go to the Safehouse together. And yes, they could stay as long as they needed. Doorways will help them find a new home, a new school, a new job, a new life.

At Doorways, special programs help children like Rachelle who have witnessed violence. Each child is given their own case manager and counselor to help them process their trauma and heal.

Rachelle thrived in the safe haven of Doorways. When she returned to school in the fall, she excelled academically and enjoyed playing multiple sports. Because of your support, Rachelle and her dad celebrated their first holiday season safe from harm, together.

To protect client safety and confidentiality, client names and identifying information are changed, and images used are stock photos, featuring models, for illustrative purposes only.

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