Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, or DVAM. #Every1KnowsSome1 impacted by domestic violence: 1 in 2 nonbinary or trans people, more than 1 in 3 women, and at least 1 in 3 men experience it in their lifetimes. Join us you to raise awareness, share resources, and help ensure all survivors have access to safety and support. Take action now!

5 Ways to Take Action

Doorways collaborates with community partners like local schools, colleges, and universities, government agencies, military bases, businesses, civic and faith organizations, and more during DVAM. If you’re interested in partnering with, please contact Linley Beckbridge at 703-504-9283 or We look forward to hearing from you!

1) Learn about domestic violence

DVAM presents an important opportunity to raise awareness about domestic violence. The first step is to better understand the issue. Learn more.

2) Learn about the resources available to survivors

Doorways’ fully and dually state-accredited domestic violence and sexual assault programs provide a full spectrum of support accessible through our 24-Hour Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline, 703-237-0881.

Learn More

How to Help a Friend Who’s Experiencing Abuse

As a friend, family member, or co-worker of someone in an unhealthy or abusive relationship, you may be the first person to recognize your loved one is not safe. Learn how to support them.


3) Attend an event

Join us out in the community to learn more about domestic violence, raise awareness, support survivors, and more. See our event calendar for upcoming opportunities.

Wear purple on Purple Thursday

Join us to raise awareness, support survivors and take a stand against domestic violence. Wear purple and post your pictures to social media to show your support! See our Purple Thursday Action Kit for sample email invitations, social media posts, and more to help you raise awareness, inspire action, and create change in our community.

Invite your friends to join you to multiply your impact!

4) Support survivors

Donate now to provide safety, empowerment, and pathways to stability. With your support, Doorways meets survivors where they are in their journeys, personalizing our response to their needs. Whether they are immediately escaping abuse, striving to heal from abuse that happened long ago, or otherwise in need of support to heal, thanks to you, we’re here to help. To help sustain our ongoing services all year round, make your gift recurring to ensure survivors get the support they need beyond DVAM.

5) Follow #31DaysofDVAM to stay engaged all month long

Each day in October, we share information, resources and ways to take action using #31DaysofDVAM on Twitter. Follow Doorways on X/Twitter and retweet to your followers to spread the word!