Your support makes it possible to help women, men and children escape the traumatic experiences of domestic violence and homelessness. But your commitment does so much more; it lets us invest in the long-term safety and stability of those we serve with therapies, resources and skills that transform lives.  It takes women, men and children beyond shelter and onto brighter futures with counseling, financial education, legal advocacy, employment assistance, children’s mental healthcare and more.

Meet Sabrina

Sabrina is eight years old. When she arrived at Doorways’ Domestic Violence Safehouse last year, she barely spoke. She and her mother had lived in isolation for years, not allowed to leave their home for work, play or school. Sabrina often saw her mother being abused by her father.  When she herself reached out for affection from dad, she was pushed aside and told to shut up. “Time-out” meant being in a closet.  Once she arrived at the Safehouse, it took Sabrina weeks before she stopped hiding in her room, behind furniture or behind Mom. Eventually, she warmed up to staff and started participating in activities. Because Sabrina couldn’t really express herself with words, the Children’s Counselor asked her to draw her feelings. This self-portrait Sabrina drew spoke volumes, even if her words couldn’t. To see the picture Sabrina drew after her time at Doorways, click here and make a donation!

At Doorways, we help hundreds of children like Sabrina heal from the traumas of domestic violence, instability and homelessness every year. By supporting our on-going annual fund today, you can ensure that the children in our programs continue to receive dedicated mental health services, including art- and play-based therapy for those who can’t yet express their pain and fear with words.  Please make your donation today to Doorways’ Spring Renewal Annual Fund Campaign by mailing in your completed form or clicking here to make a secure online donation.

You’ve Got Questions:
Why Doorways?
Where Does My Money Go?
How Can I Give?
How Can an Individual or Business Help Year-Round?

Why Doorways?

A Sound Investment:

  • For every $1.00 we receive, $.83 goes directly to support the women, children and families we serve.

  • Recipient of the 2009 Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management for financial health, as well as organizational efficiency and capacity.

  • Selected 4 years in a row as one of the Catalogue for Philanthropy’s charities.

  • Recipient of the 4-Star Charity Navigator Rating 6 years in a row.

Together, these practices have created a winning formula for innovative client service delivery that leads most families served by Doorways from crisis to stability. 

Where Does My Money Go?

How Can I Give?

To make a donation via mail, please make check payable to Doorways for Women and Families and mail to:

PO Box 100185
Arlington, VA 22210

To make a donation online using our safe and secure system, click here

How Can an Individual or Business Help Year-Round?

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