About Us

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of the organization, its operations, and its property. The board approves organizational goals and objectives, policies and procedures, authorizes the creation of new programs, oversees financial affairs, and has the fiscal authority to disburse and allocate funds. Much of the board’s work is accomplished through its committees that include board members, staff and other volunteers. Committees include: Finance, Governance, Executive, Development and Communications, Performance, and Facilities. A nominating subcommittee recruits potential members to ensure a balance of diverse backgrounds, professions, and experience. Members may serve no more than two three-year terms.

Executive Committee

  Carmen Oviedo, President

  David Kinney, Vice President

  Sarah DeVoe, CPA, Treasurer

Amy Hauser (crop)  Amy Hauser, Secretary


  Vandana Ram Allman

  Saiful Amin

  Miguel Buddle

Nicholas Evans  Nicholas Evans

  Katrina Jones

  Melissa MacGregor

  Diana Ortiz, Doorways President and CEO

  Michelle Sagatov

  Nina Tallon

Kristin Thakor

Whiston Headshot  Julia Whiston

  Todd Williams

  Juliana Yaskin