Important Update on Donating Items to Doorways

As of September 8th, Doorways Accepting Amazon Wishlist Items Only

We would like to thank the countless donors who have supported Doorways’ mission as it has grown and evolved over the years. As we leave our current office at the end of 2023 and move into a new space in Ballston Quarter, we unfortunately will no longer have the storage capabilities we once had. To adjust to this change, as of September 8th, Doorways will no longer be accepting item donations outside of our Amazon Wishlist. We will continue accepting gift cards.

To ensure your items reach those in need, we encourage anyone who is interested in donating physical items to check out our amazing peer organizations linked on our website. If you have any questions related to in-kind giving in or around Arlington, please feel free to contact Ashley Stewart at or 703-504-9271.

To continue providing items to Doorways clients, please visit our Amazon Wishlist, which is regularly updated to meet the urgent needs of our families. Thank you for your support!

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