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Helping Survivors Get Back on their Feet

Meet Mishka, Family Home Volunteer

Mishka Brice started volunteering in January 2021 as a Volunteer Home Coordinator at Doorways’ Family Home. “It has only been a few months I have been with Doorways,” said Mishka, “but I am so grateful for the opportunity to be volunteering with such an incredible organization who truly cares about their clients.”

Miska used to volunteer at another domestic violence shelter back in her hometown of Florida. “I have been yearning to do it again since I’ve moved up here in 2019,” she said. “Due to COVID-19 and working from home, it allowed me the time to finally do some research and train properly for the program.”

Mishka’s favorite thing about volunteering with Doorways is being able to make an impact and get to know the clients and see them flourish. “There are multiple resources offered when it comes to certain safehouses like Doorways,” she said. “At Doorways, they not only provide refuge for survivors but they offer services to help them get back on their feet emotionally, physically, and financially. I truly admire that process.”

Mishka finds the way Doorways approaches helping a survivor get back on their feet—whether that be physically, emotionally, and/or financially, with the various services that are provided—unique and impactful.

“I want the community to know the great impact that this organization has locally and individually on people’s lives,” she said. “The work they do is very important, meaningful, and impactful.”

Considering volunteering for Doorways? Mishka’s advice: “Do it!”

Learn more about volunteering at Doorways here, and please contact us with any questions.