Back to School Campaign

Doorways’ Back to School Campaign is now supporting more than 85 children as they start the new school year. Together, we can make the school year a joyous and enriching experience for every child Doorways serves. Give these kids the support and tools they need to succeed in school and build a brighter future. Thank you for investing in our young people today to help build brighter futures!

Ways to Give

  • Make a gift now using the form below
  • Donate gift cards to empower our clients to choose their own Back to School clothes and more
  • Sponsor a child by fufilling their Back to School supply shopping list

Back to School with Doorways

Each September, thousands of children in Arlington begin their first day of school eager about the exciting experiences their school year will bring: meeting old and new friends, basketball and cheerleading tryouts, school pictures, band and chorus auditions and the new academic challenges of school work.

However, there are hundreds of children who look at the first day of school with more apprehension than excitement. These children walk into school feeling unprepared and lacking confidence. With food and shelter as their parents’ primary concern, those extra activities that make the school year so rewarding often take a back seat. Embarrassed and disappointed that their family can only afford necessities like groceries and rent, children living in poverty share a very different back to school experience than many of their peers.

By supporting Doorways’ Back to School Campaign, you can help ensure that all children have the same opportunities to make the most of their academic experience. You can make this school year  brighter for the children in our shelters and housing program.

Thank you for your support and dedication to our students!

CrayonsSponsor a Child

Sponsors provide back packs, school supplies and gift cards to one or more children at Doorways, preparing them to start the new school year with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. If you would like to Sponsor a Child through Doorways’ Back to School Campaign, please contact Veronica Floyd at or (703) 504-9293.

Empower Families with Gift Cards

Empower children, youth and families with the gift of choice during the Back to School shopping season.

Gift cards provide agency to the women, men and children we serve in many ways:

  • Give young people the ability to pick their own Back to School clothes and accessories, empowering them with choice and giving them confidence.
  • Provide with important opportunities to practice with budgeting, leading to independence and helping to prepare them for future money management.
  • Help parents of younger children practice money management skills as they prepare their little ones to go back to school.
  • Provide families with clothing and other critical supplies when they enter shelter in need of these basic items.

Order gift cards online have them shipped to the address below:

Ship gift cards to Doorways at the address below, attention: Development Associate. We will send you a receipt for your donation.

Doorways for Women and Families
P.O. Box 100185
Arlington, VA 22210

If you prefer to purchase gift cards in store, you can also mail to the address above, or contact Veronica Floyd at or (703) 504-9293 to arrange a drop off.

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