What We Do

Doorways is a community-based nonprofit providing services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as youth and families experiencing homelessness. The Doorways’ Model illustrates our approach, from broad-reaching community engagement to wraparound support in our emergency shelter and housing programs. Through the generosity of our partners and supporters, we help our most vulnerable neighbors survive crisis, rebuild their lives, and achieve brighter futures.

Our Approach

The Doorways Model

Doorways’ response to domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness includes a spectrum of programs and services, ranging from prevention to shelter and housing. Doorways meets each client where they are, addressing their unique needs with tailored support. Client needs range from one-time support from any one part of our trauma-informed continuum of care, to continuous support from multiple programs as part of their journey to safe, stable, and empowered lives.

Community Engagement

Doorways engages community members to help ensure anyone in need of our services is aware of our programs and able to access support; to partner with supporters of our mission and our safety-net peers; and to cultivate a culture of safety and respect to help prevent violence.

Prevention and Outreach Program

Doorways’ youth-focused Prevention and Outreach Program aims to change social norms and conditions so sexual and intimate partner violence is less likely to happen. Programming is designed to shift attitudes, behaviors, and norms that support and perpetuate the root causes of violence by promoting healthy behavior and communities. Learn more.

Community Education, Advocacy, and Partnerships

Doorways is a strong advocate for the rights and needs of survivors of violence and homelessness, and we are proud to be part of a larger community that is working together to address these traumas and their root causes. Read more about Doorways in the community.

Community-Based Supportive Services

Doorways provides a broad range of community-based support for adults, youth, and children impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault.

24-Hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Hotline

Doorways’ 24-hour domestic and sexual violence hotline provides support, information about available services and resources, and referrals. All services are free and confidential. All languages are available. Learn more.

Hospital Accompaniment

Doorways’ hospital accompaniment services provide immediate, in-person support for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault seeking medical care. Learn more.

Mobile Advocacy

For those survivors that may not be ready, able, or need to come into shelter, Doorways’ mobile advocates provide case management, information and referrals, and safety planning out in the community.

Court Advocacy

Located at the Arlington County Courthouse, Doorways’ court advocacy program assists survivors in need of assistance navigating restraining orders and other long-term protections to support them and their families. Learn more.

Revive Domestic & Sexual Violence Counseling Program

Through our Revive Counseling Center, Doorways provides customized counseling and support for those who experience trauma – including a plan for restoring long-term stability. Learn more.

Emergency Shelter and HomeStart Supportive Housing Program

Domestic Violence Safehouse, Safe Apartments, and Safe Kennel

Doorways provides emergency shelter for individuals and families escaping abuse – including a space that allows survivors to bring their pets. Learn more.

Family Home

Doorways also provides shelter for youth and families experiencing homelessness. Doorways’ Family Home is more than a shelter; it is a safe, temporary home offering comprehensive services to help youth and families work towards stability.

HomeStart Supportive Housing Program

The HomeStart supportive housing programs provide support and wrap-around services to empower clients throughout their shelter stay and their transition to safe, long-term housing of their own. Learn more.

Shelter- and Housing-Based Supportive Services
Counseling & Case Management

Trauma-Informed Goal Planning and Counseling Services

Each individual and family partners with a primary Client Services Counselor (case manager) to help coordinate services and ultimately reach goals towards self-sufficiency. Support includes Financial Counseling and tailored Pathways for Youth ages 18-24. Learn more.

Children’s Services

Doorways provides dedicated case workers and counselors to the children in our care, making sure they heal, grow, and thrive. Learn more.

Join Us

At Doorways, our goal is to be ready and able to help anyone who needs us by providing customized support that addresses an individual’s specific needs. Your support allows us to deliver the services that make the biggest difference in our clients’ lives.